Debriefing THAT duel and getting to know Marini

“Before then, it was more like a game. I felt more like only having fun, having a free mind and not stressing so much about races. Ultimately, it’s something that’s just fun and not stressful for me. Before 14, I tried to only enjoy it and if I won a race or Italian championship, I was happy but I wasn’t focused 100% on that. I remember Fabio Quartararo, because I raced with him in the European Championship with 80cc in 2011 (maybe?), I remember he was really strong and fast at that time too. Fully prepared, he knew all the tracks. I remember we raced in Montmelo, he was a rider with a lot of experience at 12 years old. He had a totally different approach. Every time, he was with important teams with great bikes and trained a lot from the beginning. I started more slowly, more patient.”

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