Dalla Porta takes huge Motegi victory as Canet crashes

However, Canet seemed to be struggling slightly to keep up with the pace. A couple of mistakes saw him drop to sixth as the top four then created a half-second gap to Vietti, Canet and John McPhee (Petronas Sprinta Racing). Trying to make up time, with Dalla Porta controlling the race from the front, Canet was pushing. But, with seven laps to go, that pushing became too much for Canet’s front tyre. At Turn 9, the Spaniard crashed out – colossal for the 2019 Moto3™ Championship as Canet pulled into the pits, with third in the title race Tony Arbolino (VNE Snipers) also crashing out midway through the race. The Italian was stretched off at Turn 5 after making a fantastic recovery from P27 on the grid, cruel luck for Arbolino. 

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