Crafting A Marketing Campaign For A Motorbike Company

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“Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.” – Unknown

Talk to anyone passionate for motorbikes, you will only be advised to buy one and take it out for a long ride. Owning a motorbike is not so much about attaining a special status that comes with the possession of such a machine, but is more about enjoying the finer pleasures of life. Much has been written and said about passion for motorcycling, that there is no combination of words you could spurn out for the activity that hasn’t been said before.  We all have those friends who are diehard fanatics of motorbike riding; their checklist will include taking their motorbike on road trips whenever they can take a few days off their professional and personal commitments. Just like the famous quote goes,” it is the journey that matters, not the destination”, motorbike riders couldn’t agree more.

The same goes for marketing a motorbike company; every method in the book has been tested and executed to market a motorbike. Every year, companies like Harley Davidson and Ducati come up with different ideas for a marketing strategy. Some hit the nail right on its head while others miss the point completely. In 2009, Honda launched a website named Feelvfr to market a motorbike of VFR series that was also supported with digital marketing initiatives like email marketing and social media campaigning. Later on, Harley Davidson launched a Road trip film festival in Australia where they invited filmmakers all over the world to submit entries; their basic demand was that the film be related to motorbikes in any way. It gave a real boost to the popularity of Harley Davidson when motorbike-lovers came about to see movies which focused on the influence of motorbikes on one’s life and the experiences it brings with them.

Even with the number of marketing campaigns that have been executed, there are many ways that stood the test of time and still are the best methods to genuinely attract potential customers. In today’s times, most of these customers are millennials and companies see this generation as a huge potential for sales of motorbikes. All they need to do is apply the right marketing techniques to target this range. Here are few of those ways for anyone starting up as a marketer in Motorbike companies:

  1. Starting early- Companies focus on the appeal of their products to entice a potential customer into buying it. Much like Harley Davidson exudes a status of freedom, independence, and a passion for riding far away; there are companies who look to push their appeal into a crowd that will make them want to own the motorbike one day. In 2018, Harley Davidson selected 8 interns to be part of a campaign that included riding Harley Davidson motorbikes across America over the course of summer. The program received massive internship applications and was a huge success in marketing the motorbike to a younger generation.  Who wouldn’t love an internship like this? Getting paid for riding a beast of machine when the second easiest method to earn money was providing management homework help or essay assignment help online.Harley-Davidson brand
  1. Affiliate Marketing-  It is one of the best ways to earn money through programs launched by motorbike companies. There are also companies which provide motorbike spare parts, apparels, and auxiliary tools which a motorbike enthusiast usually looks to buy. There are websites like Motorcycle House and RevZilla which offer such kinds of affiliate programs to anyone looking to earn money through this. One can earn a lot of money through these programs and it eventually results in helping out the sellers too for they get to serve customers which wouldn’t have come to them if not for the affiliates.  To get an affiliate marketing program started, you have to work out the incentive percentage that would be dealt out in case an affiliate brings in a customer. The percentage should be enough to make people enrol in the affiliate program and should not be so much that it puts a leak into all your profits.
  1. Image Advertisement- Even now, you find an image of a motorbike in a magazine and you end up looking at it for longer than most things. When it comes to motorbikes, image advertisement is still a huge marketing tool to attract customers. You can find Ducati, Honda, and Harley Davidson making full use of apps like Instragram to market their products along with publishing advertisements in magazines. Not only the image, there are a few lines or words written somewhere on the image or a headline to give an appeal about the motorbike. Advertisers take a long time to decide on the words that must be fit in with the image; a lot of brainstorming sessions and focus group tests are conducted before deciding on an image and a set of words.  If you are tasked with creating that advertisement, you could very well pay an online research paper writing service to conduct market research and come up with a choice set of words. You can also pay a group of professional essay assignment writers  to write the marketing taglines if you have tried hard at it and could not come up with anything.
  1. Digital Marketing- This is an all one playing field that technology has given us all. For any marketer, it has become an ultimate marketing tool. Imagine a platform where you can find billions and all you have to do is come up with a strategy that will click with the potential out there. Even the older techniques like email marketing is still an effective and efficient way to market products; no matter how expensive the products are. Targeting is what matters when it comes to digital marketing, you should know who to target and focus on their needs rather than taking a wide-on approach.  The crux here is writing well-suited emails and then testing them out. You have to see which emails are the most effective in getting back a response and furnish out an email which will be most effective. Come to think of it, this task is much like college essay editing. Then there are marketing techniques like paid online advertisements placed well on websites that focus on the subject of motorbikes; be it events, product launches, or news about an upcoming motorbike.
  1. Reviews- First thing motorbike enthusiasts do is read about the experiences of people who have taken a ride on the newly launched motorbike. There are Vloggers who earn a decent amount of money only by taking a ride on these bikes, sharing their experiences with the audience, telling them about the pros and cons of buying it, and giving recommendations. There are magazines solely dedicated to the passion of motorbikes which do that too. The critics rate newly launched motorbikes on different aspects and tells the readers if it has value for money.  You could hire a research paper writing service and get them to write promotional articles for the motorbike. You can start promoting your product on blogs and through social media channels so that motorbike fanatics read through the ravings and get excited about the product. You have to create a hype around the product before you can expect sales of it.


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