Council anti-motorcycle bias slammed

A UK council’s claims that “motorcyclists are a danger to themselves” and “environmentally unsound, not sustainable, and contribute to air pollution” have been slammed as extreme anti-motorcycle bias.

The anti-motorcycle claims are made in the Oxfordshire County Council’s proposals for its Local Transport and Connectivity Plan.

The British Motorcyclists Federation and Oxfordshire councillor John Broad have complained about the “sweeping and not justified comments” as extreme anti-motorcycle bias.

The inflammatory comments are:

  • “Statistical evidence suggests motorcyclists are a danger to themselves”; and
  • “Motorbikes are mostly still using fossil fuels to run, meaning they are environmentally unsound, not sustainable, and contribute to air pollution”.

Cr Broad says motorcycles are not part of the problem, but part of the solution to traffic and pollution concerns, especially with the coming wave of electric motorcycles.

Anti-motorcycle bias

Melbourne's Elizabeth St motorcycle district discussion paperMelbourne’s Elizabeth St motorcycle district (File photo)

Victorian motorcyclist advocate and Motorcycle Safety Consultant John Nelson says anti-motorcycle bias is not exclusive to the UK county council.

“We have a similar situation here with our City of Melbourne and the footpath parking issue,” he says.

“Also our Elizabeth St motorcycle retail precinct has all but collapsed. Many bike shops have moved to the suburbs or just closed down.

(Yamaha City is the latest to leave, heading for Port Melbourne.)

The City of Melbourne has planned a pedestrian and cyclist heaven without the consideration for the 110 year history of the precinct.”

Elizabeth St biasElizabeth St history

John is working with the council to recognise the history and erect a memorial with work due to start in 2023.

“By then, I expect to have a final presentation of the recognition/information piece to recognise the precinct for its heritage and contribution to the motorcycle community and our culture,” he says.


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