Cleveland CycleWerks New Electric: The Falcon

Hey, we remember Scott Colosimo from ten or so years ago, when the Cleveland, Ohio, native began building inexpensive little motorcycle using Lifan engines from China. There was of course plenty of static from the peanut gallery, but the ones we rode, the “Heist” for one, was a pretty fun, reliable little urban chopper with a lot of character. That was then; now CCW’s got an all-new electric. Actually two new electrics: Falcon 01 and Falcon BLK.

The Falcon BLK Founders Edition is in production now, says CCW. Only 20 will be built by hand, individually numbered and with components only featured on this model – for $14,995. The BLK comes with two Samsung INR 18650 35E cells, powering an air-cooled motor which, in “Angry Pixy” mode, unleashes over 17.5 horsepower, 29 lb-ft of torque and a top speed of 85-plus mph. Range is said to be 100 miles, with 180 possible in Eco Mode.

Your base model Falcon 01 gets but one of the Samsung power cells, and tops out at 65 mph in “unlimited off-road use,” but can also be configured as an e-bike governed by law to 20 mph or an e-moped governed to 27 mph. It sells for $7,995, and is upgradable to carry two battery packs like the BLK.

Both are claimed to charge to 80% capacity in 45 minutes via onboard, advanced FUTUR quick Charger plugged into a standard 110 outlet.

A study in minimalism, steel frames are robot-bent and coped before being TIG- welded by hand. The centrally mounted adjustable rear shock out back and 48mm inverted forks give 4 and 4.7 inches of travel, respectively. US-made CARD brake system are standard. In fact, CCW says nearly all the parts that go into the Falcons are local or US-sourced.

CCW says the Falcon BLK weighs just 175 pounds, and the 01 just 150.

All the info is here, including how to order: Cleveland CycleWerks


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