Christini AWD Launches All-Wheel Drive E-Bikes

You may know Christini from its all-wheel-drive dirtbikes, or perhaps you knew they made two-wheel-drive bicycles too. Well, now the company is entering the burgeoning e-bike sector.

Begin Press Release: 


All-Wheel Drive Off-Road E-Bicycles to be Manufactured in USA by Christini AWD

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — CHRISTINI AWD is launching a new generation of All-Wheel Drive bicycles utilizing the same revolutionary technology that has been providing traction and control benefits to off-road riders for years. But now these remarkable pedal-driven machines will have a high power electric-assist mid-drive motor to launch them over slippery rocks and wet roots like no other single, rear-wheel driven e-bicycle. Available in a 27.5” hardtail and several FAT tired models, these electric-assist mountain bicycles provide the ultimate in traction control allowing a rider to conquer conditions most thought to be un-rideable. The added benefits will dramatically extend ride length and climbing capabilities. Customers will be able to ride miles further and climb hills never before summited!

Inventor and entrepreneur, Steve Christini, announced this week he is looking to offer his unique machines via a select dealer network which understands the added performance a second-driven wheel provides to an e-bicycle. “E-bikes are taking over the world because they provide an off-road riding experience to a wider demographic than ever before. With AWD (all-wheel drive) added to that mix, riders will gain a go-anywhere level of confidence never available until now.”

Christini AWD Bicycles incorporate a mid-drive Bafang 1500W motor with torque sensing pedal-assist abilities all for under $5600 MSRP. These bikes are appropriately balanced – and offer a true mountain bike experience – without the burden of heavy hub motors found on some other 2WD utility bikes.

AWD Hardtail Plus Specs

  • Frame 6061 T6 aluminum
  • MRP Raven Air 35mm fork
  • 1500W Bafang mid-drive motor with color-display and torque sensing
  • 27.5” Sun Ringle rims with Wheelsmith spokes
  • Quality SRAM cassette, shifter, derailleur, brakes, calipers, rotors & levers
  • Weight: 49 pounds

MSRP: $5595

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