Chinese BMW adventure bike knockoff

This BMW G 310 GS knockoff is the latest in a long line of Chinese products that rip off the design and logos of existing motorcycles.

In the past we have seen Chinese electric versions of the Honda Goldwing, China’s CFMoto 650TK which is very similar to Honda’s ST1300 and a Chinese brand called “Hongda” that made Honda lookalikes.

The Vietnamese are also in on the knockoff act with “Ducati” Monsters made by Quang Phuong Motor.

Knockoff Beemer

Now the Chinese Everest Kaiyue 400X has hit the domestic market with a stunning resemblance to the Indian-made BMW G 310 GS small-capacity adventure motorcycle.

This knockoff even has BMW red-white-and-blue paintwork and a GY logo that is too close to the GS badge to be an accident.

There is no response yet from BMW Motorrad on whether there will take action against the company.

Trademark action

However, iconic Italian scooter company Lambretta says it is taking “strict” action against companies “free riding on the repute of Lambretta”.

They claim the global market is flooded with replicas of their classic scooters from China, India and Thailand.

The Chinese seem immune to international trade laws that bind other countries and their latest blatant ripoff is an electric Honda Goldwing.

We all know the Chinese make cheap copies of well-known brands and many of us probably have a Gucci belt made of plastic in a sweatshop in China.

However, the Chinese have also made a lot of copies of bigger and more expensive products such as cars.

Some of the cars Chinese manufacturers have copied include the Range Rover Evoque, Smart ForTwo, Hummer, Porsche Cayman, Audi A6, Jeep Cherokee, BMW X1, Rolls-Royce Phantom and MINI Cooper.

Land Wind knockoff of the land Rover Evoque
Land Wind knockoff of the land Rover Evoque

Some car manufacturers tried to stop them copying their cars, but failed in an obstructive and partisan legal system, so they formed alliances with Chinese companies to make their products for the local market.

Several motorcycle manufacturers, including Honda and Yamaha, have tried to fight Chinese manufacturers in the courts over breach of copyright, but it is a long process as there are hundreds of knockoff manufacturers.

So, like the car makers, Honda has formed an allegiance with one of the knockoff Chinese companies to make their bikes for the local market.


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