CFMoto’s new KTM 790 based adventure-touring motorcycle entering production

CF Moto 800MT

The new CF Moto 800MT is close to production according to patent information and images recently released on a website run by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

We are reliably informed that these bikes will be available in Australia during the latter half of 2021. 

There will be a variant riding on spoked rims and also a model running on conventional alloys. 

CF Moto 800MT

The patent photos reveal the bike can be had ready dressed for travel complete with a comprehensive alloy luggage system.

The limited technical information relating to the 800MT suggests that it is powered by a 95 horsepower version of KTM’s LC8c parallel twin displacing 799 cc. 

It is thus a Chinese take on the KTM 790 Adventure, albeit at over 230 kg ready to ride it looks as though it will be heavier and with a more touring focus than its Austrian big brother. Which now of course has grown up to become an 890 Adventure. 

Other changes from the KTM recipe include a move to conventionally positioned fuel tank in place of the KTM’s under-slung fuel cell. The frame looks completely new and the seating much more expansive and touring oriented than we see on the KTM.

CF Moto 800MT

CFMoto and KTM are partners in various projects and are using versions of KTM’s V-Twin engines to build their own large-capacity product portfolio.

We earlier detailed the 1250TR-G powered by a derivative of KTM’s 1279 cc which in CFMoto guise delivers 140 horsepower and 120 Nm of torque, making it by far the most powerful motorcycle built in China.

While CFMoto’s new 693 cc parallel twin range arrives early next year.

CFMoto first partnered with KTM in 2013 to produce small-capacity KTM-badged models for China, a market which last year tallied 17.1 million motorcycle sales.

The joint venture will further expand CFMoto’s research and development team, which currently comprises more than 200 employees across five countries – in addition to CFMoto’s workforce of more than 2600 employees worldwide.

CFMoto recently also celebrated their 15-year anniversary in Australia which was marked by record sales that saw the brand surpass 25,000 unit sales of motorcycles, ATV and UTVs through its network nationwide since the brand was first introduced into Australia in 2005, when Mojo Motorcycles directors Joshua Carter and Michael Poynton began importing CFMoto scooters under the brand Mojo Scooter Co.


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