CDR approached AUS Supercross deal with ‘open arms’ says Reardon

News 20 Sep 2019

CDR approached AUS Supercross deal with ‘open arms’ says Reardon

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Dan Reardon says he was approached with ‘open arms’ by CDR Yamaha Monster Energy when signing him for the upcoming Australian Supercross Championship after they failed to progress on negotiations last season, the multi-time champion maintaining a list of personal deals for the five-round series in 2019.

Reardon has established himself as one of the most business-savvy riders in the pits domestically over recent years, which resulted in the Queenslander piecing together his own Yamaha-backed program in 2018, where he attracted a number of high-profile sponsorships on his way to third in the championship rankings.

It was announced at the end of July that Reardon will reunite with the powerhouse CDR squad for supercross – the team he captured his third SX1 crown with in 2015 – however he would still retain his personal deals that include gear sponsors Fasthouse and Bell. It’s a scenario that’s rarely played out within the Craig Dack-operated outfit.

“It was a process of time,” Reardon told “We spoke last year, and it didn’t work purely for the fact I had my own deals – I had my own global deals with the guys at Fasthouse, Bell and GoPro, and then there’s Boost and DR Homes who come along with me – I think it’s important for a rider to have.

“That’s probably why it didn’t work, and then this year, nothing really changed on my end with those deals, but CDR Yamaha Monster Energy pretty much accepted that with open arms – I think it’s great for everyone involved.”

Reardon’s return to CDR Yamaha Monster Energy comes as the manufacturer releases a significantly updated YZ450F for year model 2020, which the number 122 has been developing since the bike’s arrival last month.

“The team has been great, obviously the 2020 Yamaha YZ450F is different to the bike from the last couple of years, so that involves a lot more testing,” he continued. “There are a lot of conversations between Australia and the US in trying to get the bike the best it possibly can be, but when you have a new bike, everyone is doing a lot of testing, trying to figure out what’s going to work.

“It does involve a lot more time and effort from the team and myself as well. We did a test last week and made leaps and bounds with the bike, and I’m actually riding on those settings now. We have another test day prior to round one, but I think everything is in the right place. We’re just ticking the boxes ahead of the first round.”

The Australian Supercross Championship kicks off on 12 October at Brisbane Entertainment Centre.


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