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RiderBuds Reach Indiegogo Goal In 3 Hours!

Motorcyclists who ride with earphones are well aware of the issues associated with using them. First, most earphones/earbuds protrude from the ear and make donning a helmet a challenge without pulling them out of place. Second, many earbuds do nothing to protect a rider’s hearing by attenuating the noise of high-speed wind flowing past the helmet. RiderBuds appear to address both of these issues. You can bet that we’re anxious to test them!

Begin Press Release:

Discover RiderBuds: The Ultimate Earphone for Motorcycle Riders

The innovative audio solution for riders successfully reaches its crowdfunding goal in 3 hours.

New York, NY – November 7- RiderBuds™has just launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and after only 3 hours reached its $30,000 goal and has more than doubled since.  


Two styles of tips will be supplied with RiderBuds.

RiderBuds™ are known as the “Ultimate” earphones for riders: they combine comfort, crisp sound at any speed, and protect your hearing.


Note how typical earbuds protrude from the ear.

“We’ve created quite literally the smallest earphones ever made,” says Maurice Dziubinski, CEO and founder of the startup.

RiderBuds are specially made for motorcycle riders and are sized to fit entirely inside the ear canal. Maurice said,  “This is the only and best way to make sure they don’t interfere with the proper wear of the helmet, no matter how tight it is.”

Say goodbye to earphones getting dislodged, breaking seal, or becoming uncomfortable on long rides.

The startup founder claims to have done his homework. “Over the last year of research and development, I’ve talked with over 1,000 riders around the world in the process. We’ve also done a few thousand surveys. We’ve listened and created what everyone wanted – RiderBuds is the final solution to all of riders’ main challenges with audio.”

RiderBuds are funding through Indiegogo now – early adopters can still pre-order them at the special $129 price, discounted $70 off the MSRP.

RiderBuds Indiegogo Campaign Page

They will go to production as soon as their campaign ends, and deliver the final product around May 2019.



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Yamaha To Debut Some Interesting Concepts at CES 2019

Yamaha is set to unveil some exciting concepts in January at CES 2019.

Begin Press Release: 

IWATA, November 9, 2018 – Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo:7272) announced today that it will exhibit five models at CES 2019, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, to be held in Las Vegas, U.S.A. over four days from January 8 to 11, 2019.

The Yamaha booth will feature a total of five models, including 1) the Public Personal Mobility(PPM), a people service system based on low-speed autonomous driving, which has many potential applications such as in transport infrastructure and business utilization, 2)the next-generation concept model of industrial-use unmanned helicopters, which will have a higher payload to provide unprecedented air solutions, 3) the TRITOWN concept model, which offers completely new electric personal mobility through its two front wheel LMW mechanism, 4) the NIKEN large sports bike launched in 2018, which also utilizes the LMW mechanism, and 5) an installation of artificial intelligence technology developed by Yamaha Corporation, with which Yamaha Motor shares the Yamaha brand. In addition, Yamaha Motor will conduct demonstrations of the PPM featuring an “AI conductor” on the dedicated paths adjacent to the venue during the period of the tradeshow.

This exhibition aims to discover new partners from any field of endeavor, creating technological innovation and new businesses through open innovation.

Yamaha Motor Booth Overview

■Period: Tuesday, January 8 to Friday, January 12, 2019
■Venue: Sands Expo and Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A
■Yamaha Motor Booth: South Hall 2 / Booth size: 225m²

Models Exhibited

■Public Personal Mobility (PPM) (Reference vehicle)

Mobility service system with a wide range of potential applications based on low-speed autonomous driving and passenger-cargo shared usage

PPM is a form of comfortable and convenient on-demand compact low-speed mobility for “one-mile” short-distance travel. Its simple construction enables customization for a variety of applications, such as transportation of passengers and/or cargo, or further conversion into a mobile sales kiosk. In anticipation of further future autonomous travel, provisions for a variety of user-friendly mobility service applications will be showcased such as the AI-based facial recognition registration and communication between the vehicle (robot) and the passenger (human).

PPM demonstration

uring CES2019, Yamaha Motor will conduct demonstrations of the PPM featuring an “AI conductor” on the dedicated paths adjacent to the South Hall which houses the Yamaha Motor booth. After facial recognition registration on devices provided at the Yamaha Booth or the boarding point, the passenger can control the specific AI conductor on their demonstration vehicle. In addition, the AI conductor controls the start and stop of the vehicle through the passenger’s gestures. Visitors can experience the future of personal travel made possible by the Yamaha autonomous systems.

■Next-generation industrial-use unmanned helicopters

Delivering flight high above ground level as well as a 70kg payload capability to provide new air solutions (Reference product)Industrial-use unmanned helicopter concept model

Building on Yamaha Motor’s 35 years of experience in industrial-use unmanned helicopter, this concept model features series of innovations that enables the payload of 70kg, double that of the latest model. Flight controls will also be updated to feature latest technology such as collision avoidance, stable flight in atmospheric turbulence, and terrain following flights in mountainous areas. In addition, utilizing its autonomous flight capabilities, this model can provide unprecedented air solutions for a range of applications such as aerial delivery, measurement, inspection, aerial photography, and surveillance through attachment of application-specific equipment. (The image shown here is the latest FAZER R G2, Automated Navigation Unmanned Helicopter.)

■Unveiling of New TRITOWN Design (Reference vehicle)

Electric personal mobility for enjoyable and comfortable last-mile travel

Compact electric stand-up riding mobility with LMW (two front wheel mechanism). The simple structure in which the rider’s posture controls the balance of the vehicle means that it can be brought to a stop while still in a riding position. The lightweight and compact body makes for easy operation, creating a short-distance mobility tool accessible to a diverse range of people, and making last-mile travel enjoyable and exciting. The TRITOWN concept exhibit was the talk of the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, and the new design will be exhibited for the first time at CES2019.
(The image shown here is of the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 concept model)

■New Leaning Multi Wheel NIKEN launched in 2018

Motorcycle that delivers both relaxation and excitement via two front wheels (Production vehicle)

New model LMW with an 845cm 3 liquid-cooled in-line three-cylinder engine. The NIKEN is a next-generation LMW that provides advanced LMW technology with a combination of unwavering cornering capability supported by a sense of stability, and a high-quality cruise performance that maintains rider comfort even over long distances. By adopting a new and exclusively-developed steering mechanism, not only is the sense of stability unique to LMW, but also sporty and smooth cornering as well as a natural steering feel are provided. In addition to the sense of stability, with the introduction of a range of other control technologies, NIKENowners are treated to a relaxed ride even during long distance touring. This new model enables the riders to enjoy both the trip to the destination and also after arriving at the destination.

■Installation of artificial intelligence technology

Exhibition by Yamaha Corporation, with which Yamaha Motor shares the Yamaha brand (Reference product)

This installation showcases artificial intelligence technology developed by Yamaha Corporation. The system analyzes and corrects the music performance in real time, aiding the performer to create a natural performance close to the musical score.

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TeamMoto Motorcycles launch Australia’s biggest bike sale!

TeamMoto Motorcycles launch Australia’s biggest bike sale!
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Soriano Tigre | Obscure Spanish motorcycles | R.Soriano SA

Obscure Spanish motorcycle marques

1944 96cc Soriano Tigre

With Phil Aynsley

As a change from obscure Italian marques how about an obscure Spanish one?

PA Soriano
1944 96cc Soirano Tigre

R.Soriano SA was founded in Madrid in 1941 by the impressively named Ricardo Soriano Hermensdorff von Scholtz, Marquis of Ivanrey.

He was quite a talented engineer who lived in France, Switzerland and Spain at various times. He designed and built a range of small two-wheelers but not before some interesting stops along the way!

PA Soriano
1944 96cc Soirano Tigre

In France he and a fellow marquis built the Soriano-Pedroso car from 1919-1924. In 1930 he turned his attention to outboard racing engines for hydroplanes.

Both four and six cylinder OHC designs were built with OSSA manufacturing a small run of the four cylinder motor (a supercharged 658cc unit).

PA Soriano
1944 96cc Soirano Tigre

The six cylinder was closely based on the four and a modified (to DOHC) version powered Jean Dupuy to the World Speed Record of 79.04mph in 1939.

An intriguing development came in 1942 when the US Army Corps of Engineers asked Evinrude to adapt the Soriano motor to power what became known as Storm Boats.

While their modified design was highly thought of, without any original plans or machine tools, it could not be made in the required time frame, so the project was abandoned.

PA Soriano
1944 96cc Soirano Tigre

In a precursor to Soriano’s own motorcycles, Manuel Giró (the founder of OSSA) fitted one of the supercharged fours to a BMW chassis, then later a sidecar, on which he won the Spanish Championship just after the war!

After a few prototypes made before the war, the first Soriano bikes were manufactured in 1942 and were designed to be a “people’s motorcycle” – not dissimilar to the Vespa concept of 15 years later.

PA Soriano
1944 96cc Soirano Tigre

A feature of the bike was the use of small, 8 inch diameter wheels – which made for a very compact, “unthreatening” bike. In 1944 the improved Tigre model was released, followed by the Puma, Lince (Lynx) and Pantera.

About 6000 Sorianos were produced before the company quit the motorcycle business (they also made industrial motors, generators and the like).

PA Soriano
1944 96cc Soirano Tigre

This bike is a 1944 96cc Tigre. And as a final piece of trivia, the Tigre featured on a stamp issued by the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in 2003!

2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure | More grunt | Sharp looks

While the new R 1250 GS had been revealed earlier in the year it was not until this week at EICMA that BMW took the wraps off the big daddy R 1200 GS Adventure for model year 2019.

BMW R GS Adventure Studio
2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure HP

Like the regular GS, the Adventure, as you expect, gets all the same updated mechanicals including the new ShiftCam version of the Boxer engine. 

BMW R GS Adventure Engine
2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure ShiftCam

This latest powerplant also realises a hefty 7 per cent increase in capacity from 1170cc to 1254cc courtesy of both a bigger bore and longer stroke. 

BMW R GS Adventure Engine
2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure ShiftCam

Power is up from 125 to 136 horsepower while torque is boosted further from 125 to 143 Nm. The rpm those peaks arrive at are unchanged for the power figure at 7750 rpm but peak torque now arrives 250 rpm earlier at 6250 rpm.

BMW R GS Adventure Engine
2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure ShiftCam

BMW claim that improvements lower in the rev range in regards to torque delivery are also notable, with 110 Nm already available as low as 2000 rpm, and the previous peak of 125 Nm already surpassed by 4000 rpm.

BMW R Dyno
BMW R 1250 GS Adventure on the dyno

The accompanying dyno chart shows a momentary slight dip in torque around 5000 rpm which presumably corresponds with when the short duration and low lift cam lobe swaps over to the more aggressive longer duration and higher lift lobe.

BMW R GS Adventure Action
2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

It will be interesting to see how this transition feels on the road but BMW are claiming much improved levels of refinement and smoothness with the updated engine. The gearbox too is claimed to work better than before. 

BMW R GS Adventure Scene
2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure HP

On the chassis front the new GS Adventure runs slightly less steering head angle (65.1 compared to 65.5-degrees of the previous model), a marginally shorter wheelbase (1504 compared to 1510 mm) and more castor (95.4 compared to 92.7 mm on predecessor).

BMW R GS Adventure Studio
2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

The new GS Adventure is also 15 mm longer but is 28 mm slimmer between the mirrors than before, however, at 268 kg BMW’s claimed wet weight figure is 8 kg heavier than quoted for the previous machine.

BMW R GS Adventure Action
2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

Wheel travel remains 210 mm at the front and 220 mm at the rear while the latest model benefits from Dynamic ESA ‘Next Generation’ with automatic load compensation. 

BMW R GS Adventure Studio
2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure HP

Rim and tyre sizes remain the same at 120/70-19 and 170/60-17, as do the brake rotor sizes of 305 mm (F) and 276 mm.

BMW R GS Adventure Studio
2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure HP

Likewise the 30-litre fuel capacity and 890-910 mm adjustable seat height remains unchanged but the low option now gets down as low as 820 mm. Presumably both the suspension and seat unit needs to be changed in order to realise that low figure, which would likely also reduce the wheel travel and ground clearance while possibly compromising suspension performance, and ruling out the fitment of ESA. 

BMW R GS Adventure Studio Exclusive
2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

The brilliant new 6.5-inch TFT screen is standard complete with bluetooth connectivity which allows navigation prompts to be displayed on the dash and your music/phone to be controlled via the well sorted BMW Multi-Controller. I love this technology. 

BMW R GS Adventure Dash
2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

At this stage we believe BMW Motorrad are expecting stocks of the new R 1200 GS Adventure just in time to buy yourself one for Christmas! Buy me one too while you are at it….

BMW R GS Adventure Studio
2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure HP
BMW R 1250 GS Adventure


Capacity cc 1,254
Bore/stroke mm 102.5 x 76
Output kW/hp 100/136
At engine speed rpm 7,750
Torque Nm 143
At engine speed rpm 6,250
Type Air/liquid-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke boxer engine with two overhead, spur gear driven camshafts , a counterbalance shaft and variable intake camshaft control system BMW Shift Cam
Compression 12.5/1
Fuel Premium unleaded 95 RON (option:
Valves per cylinder Ø intake/outlet mm 4
Ø Throttle valves mm 52
Engine control BMS-O
Emission control Closed-loop three-way catalytic converter, exhaust standard EU-4

Electrical system

Generator W


Battery V/Ah


Headlamp Full-LED (option:LED daytime riding light)
Rear light LED brake light/rear light
Starter W 900

Power transmission

Clutch Wet clutch with anti-hopping function, hydraulically activated
Transmission Constant mesh 6-speed gearbox with helical gearing system
Primary ratio 1.650
I 2.438
II 1.714
III. 1.296
IV. 1.059
V 0.943
VI 0.848
Secondary drive Shaft drive
Secondary ratio 2.910


Frame construction type Two-section frame concept consisting of main frame with bolt-on rear frame, load-bearing engine.
Front wheel control BMW Motorrad Telelever, central spring strut, 37 mm
Rear wheel control Cast aluminium single-sided swing arm with BMW Motorrad Paralever, WAD spring strut, continuously adjustable spring preload by means of hand wheel, rebound-stage damping adjustable by hand wheel (Option: Dynamic ESA Next Generation)
Spring travel, front/rear mm 210/220
Castor(unladen weight according to DIN) mm 95.4
Wheelbase(unladen weight according to DIN) mm 1,504
Steering head angle(unladen weight according to DIN) °  65.1
Front Brakes Twin disc brake, floating brake discs, diameter 305 mm, 4-piston radial brake callipers
Rear Brakes Single disc brake, diameter 276 mm, 2-piston floating caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad Integral ABS as standard (part integral), disengageable (option: ABS Pro)
Front Wheels Cross Spoke, 3.00 x 19”
Rear Wheel Cross Spoke, 4.50 x 17”
Front Tyres 120/70 R 19
Rear  Tyres 170/60 R 17

Dimensions and weights

Total length mm 2,270
Total width including mirrors  mm 952
Seat height 890/910 (820 to 910 possible)
Empty weight according to DIN, kg road-ready 268
Permitted total weight kg 485
Fuel tank capacity l 30

Performance figures

Fuel consumption (WMTC)l/100 km 4.75
CO2 g/km 110
Acceleration 0-100 km/hs 4.0
Top speed km/h >200

KLIM Announces Partnership with Inmotion Airbag Systems

KLIM has announced its partnership with In&motion Airbag systems to enhance the safety of its high-end weatherproof garments. 

Begin Press Release: 

KLIM and In&motion : Enhancing the rider experience

In&motion Airbag

KLIM is partnering with In&motion, a motorcycle airbag company, to develop a wearable airbag system.

At KLIM, it is our mission to create gear that enhances the riding experience. We do this through the process of listening to rider feedback, researching new technologies, paying extreme attention to detail, and thoroughly testing gear.

As a company of riders, KLIM is constantly looking for better solutions. We search for the most innovative and high-performance materials, and partner with industry-leading technology providers by always asking the question: is there an ingredient or process that can further improve the riding experience?

In&motion Airbag

In&motion has received awards for its airbag systems including, the CES show’s Innovation Award for best wearable protection technology and the Reddot Award for product design, among others.

In&motion produces wearable airbag systems for motorcyclists and extreme sports including MotoGP. These systems use “smart” technology to constantly update and perfect the crash detection algorithms through data automatically collected from users.

By listening to feedback, collecting data, and analyzing results, In&motion also aims to improve the riding experience with better safety.

Through this partnership, KLIM and In&motion will be able to offer riders the best weatherproof garment experience on the market while taking safety beyond already premium abrasion and impact protection.

About KLIM

At KLIM we create the most technically advanced products in the world. We listen to rider needs and use real-world experience to engineer the most innovative riding equipment possible. Our team relentlessly drives for excellence in product and service because we believe riders shouldn’t be limited by their gear. Ultimately, we know everyone has limited time to ride and every experience should be the best it can be.

About In&motion 

Specialists in smart protection systems, In&motion, based in the French Alps, was founded in 2014 by 3 passionate engineers from the ECAM college of engineering in Lyon.

In&motion have already delivered three successful and innovative autonomous airbag systems and one mechanical trigger airbag system for top class activities, including:

  • MotoGP™, worn by top riders in the category
  • Competitive Skiing, approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS) and worn by over 100 athletes competing in World Cup and European cup tournaments
  • Road-focused motorcyclists
  • Equestrian, with a mechanical trigger airbag system for horse riders

To date, In&motion airbag systems have earned the CES innovation award two years in a row: in 2016 for the Ski Airbag Vest and in 2017 for the Moto Airbag Vest.

During the 3-year development period in competition, the airbag system has been worn and tested by the world’s best riders, from MotoGP™, to endurance racing (24h of Le Mans & Bol d’Or), BSB and French Superbike. The product is also approved by IRTA (International Road Racing Team Association).

Since May 2017, nearly 2 million kilometers have been ridden across Europe, in all conditions as part of the Airbag Revolution Campaign.  500 users: consumers, journalists and dealers were selected to take part in the campaign to provide data and feedback into the product.

Learn more about In&motion at

In&motion Airbag
In&motion Airbag
In&motion Airbag
In&motion Airbag

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Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Announces Discover the Ride

With multiple different facets, Discover the Ride aims to be an experiential component to the International Motorcycle Show tour aimed toward getting non-riders interested in motorcycling. 

Begin Press Release: 

Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows® (IMS) Announces New Initiative: Discover the Ride

Discover the Ride Brings the Motorcycling Lifestyle to Non-Riders on Electric Motorcycles

Santa Monica, CA (November 8, 2018) – The Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows® (IMS), the industry leader for connecting powersports’ top brands with enthusiasts and buyers, today announced its newest show feature, Discover the Ride, a forward-thinking initiative that serves the entire motorsports industry. While IMS always has great displays and content for seasoned enthusiasts, Discover the Ride is specifically designed to introduce riding to those interested in riding motorcycles.

In addition to inviting its loyal community of nearly 300,000 motorcycle riders across the country to enjoy the show, attendees can help spread the thrill of two-wheels with their friends and family through Discover the Ride, the approachable motorcycling experience designed for non-riders.Discover the Ride will feature five main attractions including an indoor electric motorcycle demo course, an area for children to experience two wheels, a wheelie machine for experienced riders to test their skills, stationary motorcycles to learn how to engage the clutch and shift gears, and an educational content series called New To 2, designed to help new riders navigate the world of motorcycling through videos and live presentations at the show. The debut for Discover the Ride is at IMS Long Beach, which takes place November 16-18, 2018 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

“The powersports industry is evolving rapidly, specifically with the introduction of electric vehicles and a new generation of riders entering the market, and we wanted to highlight these trends in a fun and interactive way throughout the 2018-2019 IMS tour,” said Tracy Harris, Senior Vice President, Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows®. “We are very excited to bring this new attraction to IMS, not only to present the latest developments within the industry, but also to create an educational hub for new and experienced riders alike with a goal of increasing interest in motorcycling.”

IMS teamed up with industry veteran Robert Pandya to bring Discover the Ride to life, partnering with leading companies such as Zero Motorcycles and Stacyc to help inspire new riders through creating easily approachable programs. Discover the Ride will be unveiled at IMS Long Beach Media Day, which will take place on Friday, November 16, 2018. To register as media for IMS Long Beach please visit this link.

“IMS is the only national show series that can invite attendees to explore the world of motorcycling, and it’s a welcome challenge to be a conduit for new riders, and find ways to increase our riding family,” said Robert Pandya, Program Manager, Discover the Ride. “Through Discover the Ride and New To 2 we’re inviting new riders to experience the world of motorcycling in a unique way, and then introducing them to the brands at the shows.”

New Rider Course in Partnership with Zero Motorcycles – The New Rider Course will give non-licensed IMS attendees the opportunity to ride a motorcycle for the first time and learn riding basics from expert instructors. This is the largest portion of Discover the Ride, which is made possible thanks to Zero Motorcycles, the electric motorcycle leader, that has leveraged their advanced battery management systems to speed govern motorcycles that would otherwise only be available to riders with M1 Motorcycle licenses. The indoor demo course will host a fleet of speed-limited electric Zero Motorcycles to give participants the experience of riding a motorcycle in a safe and controlled environment. Zero Motorcycles have no transmission, feature ABS as standard equipment, and its zero emissions make an indoor experience on one of the most advanced motorcycles in the world a possibility. In addition to Zero Motorcycles, IMS has also partnered with Yamaha to feature its power assisted bicycles at Discover the Ride, which will be used for participants to show the ability to balance prior to riding the Zero Motorcycle, and also be available to demo on the enclosed track. Instructors from Total Control Training will be on hand at each show to give instruction and guidance and gear will be provided by Cycle Gear, Shark Helmets, HJC and Shoei.

Kids Zone Presented by Allstate – The Kids Zone joins Discover the Ride in partnership with Stacyc, featuring a closed course of battery assisted balance bikes for children to experience riding for the first time, which is the ideal way to introduce riding to kids as young as two. Participants will have the option to ride the balance bikes with or without the addition of a speed limited electric motor depending on their skill.

XDL Wheelie Experience – This exciting feature is for riders who want to test their wheelie skills in a controlled environment, while improving their balance and throttle skills with the help of XDL stunt pros. It also provides riders the opportunity to experience the exhilarating torque of Zero Motorcycles that have not been governed to reduce power for the New Rider Course. The XDL Wheelie Experience is a motorcycle attached to a stand in a manner that allows wheelies without forward movement; it’s fun to watch and more fun to try.

New To 2 – This new series of online videos is matched with a series of live presentations at IMS, educating new riders on the world of motorcycling. New To 2 videos and live presentations at the show are hosted by Monique Filips and Jordan Diggs, as well as surprise guests in certain markets.

Dyno Experience – This feature gives IMS attendees the opportunity to get on a real motorcycle that is securely mounted to a dyno to experience starting a motorcycle up, engaging the clutch and shifting through the gears, while feeling the torque of the motorcycle with the guidance of an expert. Ducati, Harley-Davidson and Yamaha will host dyno’s at IMS Long Beach.

“Every brand in the industry is working to bring new riders into motorcycling. We see the International Motorcycle Shows as the leading opportunity to expose new riders across the country, alongside the great OEM programs and displays,” Harris said.

To learn more about the Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows® Tour, please visit:

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Jaguar Land Rovers Venture Capital Fund Announces Its Investment in Arc Electric Motorcycles

Arc Electric Motorcycles has received an investment from InMotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital fund.

Begin Press Release: 


● Arc has pioneered Vector, the most efficient, safest and most fulfilling electric motorcycle experience yet

● Vector will be revealed in Milan on 6 November

● Vector comes with groundbreaking haptic ride-wear and connected HUD helmet

06 November 2018, London – InMotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital fund, today announces its investment in Arc, which today unveils ‘Vector’ – the world’s first fully-electric motorcycle with Human Machine Interface (HMI). Arc Vector is the most advanced electric motorcycle ever brought to market, using exotic materials, thoroughbred componentry and cutting-edge architecture, wrapped in a futuristic body.

The investment from InMotion Ventures, along with Mercia Fund Managers, the Proof of Concept & Early Stage Fund which is part of the Midlands Engine Investment Fund, and a number of industry specialist angels, will support Arc with its global ambition for Vector to be the cleanest, safest, and most fulfilling motorcycle on the road.

The brand new bike, will be revealed at the Milan Motorcycle Show today. The Arc show stand will showcase the brand, along with the bike itself and its groundbreaking intelligent haptic ride-wear and connected Heads-Up Display helmet. A virtual reality ride experience will also be available for attendees.

The Arc team consists of industry-leading professionals, coming together to develop and build an all-new experience on two wheels.

Mark Truman, Founder & CEO, Arc, said: “Our aim has always been to bring technology, performance and safety together to create an entirely new two-wheeled experience. Vector

isn’t just a motorbike; it’s the world’s first fully-electric café racer, it’s an innovative heads-up display helmet and it’s a sensory riding suit – all working in unison to create an experience package like no other. We’re delighted to get the support of InMotion for this exciting launch phase. The team shares our vision and we’re looking forward to working together and creating more ground breaking products.”

Sebastian Peck, Managing Director, InMotion Ventures, said: “Electric vehicles are pivotal for the future of urban mobility, helping people travel through cities quickly and cleanly as possible. We want to make sure that we’re not only changing the way people move but delivering unparalleled outdoor experiences while doing so. With Arc’s technology and vision, the Vector is an incredible development in the next generation of motorcycle travel.”

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2019 Honda CBR500R | More grunt | Sharper looks

For 2019 Honda’s highly successful CBR500R gets a make-over with a fresh set of sleeker clothes along with some meaningful mechanical updates for the new model year. 

Honda CBRR Scene
2019 Honda CBR500R

The eight-valve parallel twin has altered cam timing and more lift on the valves which Honda claims translates to a 4 per cent boost in mid-range power and torque from 3000-7000 rpm. 

Honda CBRR
2019 Honda CBR500R

Also new for 2019 is a slip-assist clutch which comes with the dual benefits of a lighter clutch pull combined with a slipper function on decelearation. 

Honda CBRR Studio
2019 Honda CBR500R

A repositioned battery has allowed for a straight intake tract for the PGM-FI fuel-injection system.

Honda CBRR Scene
2019 Honda CBR500R

At the other end the exhaust system now features dual exits in the single high-rise muffler. 

Honda CBRR2019 will be the seventh year in production for the CBR500R and Honda has given the model a more lithe but at the same time more muscular look to the comfortable learner legal machine. 

Honda CBRR
2019 Honda CBR500R

The clip-on bars now sit lower and the riding position is canted a little more forward, while the seat itself is a little slimmer than before but retains the low 785 mm seat height. 

Honda CBRR Action
2019 Honda CBR500R

New LCD instrumentation adds an upshift indicator light along with a gear position indicator. The shift-light is factory set at 8,750 rpm but can be adjusted in 250 rpm increments for the boy/girl racers. 

Honda CBRR Studio
2019 Honda CBR500R

Indicators are now LED to match the rest of the lighting package. 

Honda CBRR
2019 Honda CBR500R

A new single-tube rear shock with larger diameter piston promises improved damping control and is nine-stage preload adjustable.  Forks are as before, 41mm, and offer 120mm of travel. 

Honda CBRR Shock
2019 Honda CBR500R

Honda claim a range of up to 480 km from the 17.1-litre fuel cell. 

As for when it arrives, it seems sometime early in 2019 is about as close a date as we can predict for now. 

Honda CBRR Studio
2019 Honda CBR500R


Image Gallery

Type Liquid­ cooled, parallel twin
Displacement 471  cc
No of Valves per Cylinder 4
Bore & Stroke 67 mm x 66.8 mm
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Max. Power Output 35kW (47 hp) @ 8600 rpm
Max. Torque 43Nm @ 6500 rpm
Oil Capacity 3.2 L
Carburation PGM FI
Fuel Tank Capacity 17.1 litres
Fuel Consumption (WMTC) 29.4 km/litre
Battery Capacity 12V 7.4AH
ACG Output 25A/2000rpm
Clutch Type Wet multi-plate
Transmission Type 6 speed
Final Drive Chain
Type Steel diamond
Dimensions (L ́W ́H) 2080 mm x 755 mm x 1145 mm
Wheelbase 1410 mm
Caster Angle 25.5 degrees
Trail 102 mm
Seat Height 785 mm
Ground Clearance 130 mm
Kerb Weight 192 kg
Type Front Conventional telescopic front forks, 41mm, pre­load adjustable
Type Rear Prolink mono with 5-­stage preload adjuster, steel square pipe swingarm
Type Front Multi­-spoke cast aluminium
Type Rear Multi­-spoke cast aluminium
Rim Size Front 17 x MT3.5
Rim Size Rear 17 x MT4.5
Tyres Front 120/70ZR – 17M/C
Tyres Rear 160/60ZR – 17M/C
ABS System Type 2­ channel
Type Front Single wavy disk, 320 mm, 2 piston caliper
Type Rear Single wavy disk, 240 mm, 1 piston caliper
Instruments Digital speedometer, digital bar graph tachometer,
dual trip meters, digital fuel level gauge & fuel
consumption gauge, digital clock, gear position
Security System HISS (Honda Intelligent Security System)
Headlight Low 13W. Hi. 12.8W

Hope for motorcycle racing to return to Barbagallo in 2019

Motorcycle racing could return to Wanneroo Raceway in 2019

Following the return of recreational motorcycle activities to Barbagallo Raceway in September 2018, WA Sporting Car Club (WASCC) and Motorcycling Western Australia (MWA) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in order to address works required to the circuit so that motorcycle racing can re-commence.

Wayne Maxwell, Mike Jones, Glenn Allerton
Wayne Maxwell, Mike Jones, Glenn Allerton – Wanneroo 2016 – Image Keith Muir

The MOU, jointly signed by WASCC President Russell Sewell and MWA President Tracy Simpson, pledged WASCC and MWA to cooperate in a spirit of mutual understanding and to develop a closer relationship of goodwill. Within a matter of weeks of the MOU being suggested, the commitment to work together resulted in a solution for the return of motorcycle racing at Barbagallo Raceway.

Ben Henry leads Ryan Hampton and Mike Jones
Ben Henry leads Ryan Hampton and Mike Jones – Wanneroo 2015 – Image Andrew Gosling

Subsequent to the presentation of a concept design by MWA, WASCC consultant engineer, Steve Brake of Calibre Consultants, prepared technical and works drawings in accordance with the requirements of Motorcycle Australia’s Track Guidelines – 2018 as well as the run-off calculations as indicated in Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries’ Hall Report.

MWA forwarded these drawings to Motorcycling Australia (MA) who have provided written confirmation that, pending successful completion of the works and a subsequent inspection, MA would issue Barbagallo Raceway an appropriate license.

By the time the lights went out, it was all about Wayne Maxwell who snared the hole-shot in all three races. Maxwell defeated Stronach in race one by a massive 11.866sec with Anthony McFadden, also mounted on an S 1000RR in third.
Kings of Wanneroo 2014 – Image Steve Thibou

WASCC is currently reviewing the scope of works and obtaining costings with a view to dove-tailing the works into its programmed major works schedule in January 2019, concurrent with a planned re-surface of the raceway.

Motorcycle Racing Club WA and WASCC have agreed dates for the MCRCWA racing and other activities calendar for 2019 (pending issue of the MA track license). Members of MCRCWA were briefed by its Executive at a Town Hall meeting held on Wednesday, 7th November.

WASCC President Russell Sewell

“This is an exciting development for the sport of motorcycle racing in Western Australia following the unfortunate, extended absence from Barbagallo raceway. The new spirit of cooperation between the two main bodies representing tarmac based motorsports in Western Australia has been fruitful at both the Executive and management levels.”

2016 ASBK at Wanneroo – Image Trevor Hedge

MWA President Tracy Simpson welcomed the new agreement between the two bodies and noted that it was an important step towards getting motorcycle racing back at Barbagallo raceway. Tracy said that it has been a focus for MWA and new CEO Joe McCarthy to work with all parties to enable racing to resume at Barbagallo and is thrilled that a detailed plan has been provisionally approved for 2019.

2016 ASBK at Wanneroo - Image Keith Muir
2016 ASBK at Wanneroo – Image Keith Muir