Cake Announces New Kalk INK Electric Motorcycle

The Cake Kalk INK is a new slightly more affordable option from the Swedish manufacturer. 

Begin Press Release: 

Introducing Kalk INK: CAKE’s Newest Off-Road Electric Motorcycle

The Kalk lineup now features three unique off-road performance motorcycles for clean and silent free-riding and backcountry exploration

Kalk INK

(Stockholm, Sweden – March 4, 2020)CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric off-road performance motorcycles, today announced the launch of Kalk INK. This off-road electric motorcycle is an iteration of the game-changing Kalk OR platform and provides riders with a fast, hassle-free and thrilling backcountry experience that does not pollute or disturb the natural environment.

“Inspiring more people to experience the snappy and responsive feeling of flying through the woods without disturbing or polluting is exciting. Until now, exploring the backcountry with respect toward mother nature, wildlife, and fellow outdoor practitioners has been a utopia,” remarks Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE. “That, together with building a track in one’s own backyard, or simply getting out there on a trail with fellow riders and being able to chat, are a few things emphasizing the opposites of what traditional motorcycling has always been. On our side, being able to mix these aspects of responsibility and excitement is rewarding.”

Kalk INK is based on the technology developed for the performance-oriented Kalk OR, featuring the same powerful drivetrain, battery, and robust 6061 aluminum frame/swingarm. Just like Kalk OR, Kalk INK is also strongly influenced by downhill and enduro mountain bikes, in both its ride feel as well as its handling characteristics. While the Kalk OR is designed as a feather-light, precision-oriented motorbike delivering uncompromised off-road performance, the Kalk INK is purpose-built for silent and uncomplicated free-riding through the backcountry and beyond.

Kalk INK differentiates itself from Kalk OR and Kalk& by utilizing a non-linkage rear suspension for simplicity and lightweight motocross front suspension for robustness, a sturdy 19-inch wheelset for added durability and less maintenance, and fenders and bodywork that are made from black, injection-molded polycarbonate and ABS. Top speed is +50mph / +80kmh with a ride time of up to 3 hours.

As with CAKE’s premier product, the name Kalk is derived directly from Kalksten, the limestone bedrock of the Swedish island of Gotland, where CAKE’s test grounds are located. The addition of INK refers to the motorcycle’s dark black bodywork, fenders, and suspension.

The Kalk INK retails for $9500 USD / €9500 EUR and will be available direct to consumers via and select dealer partners worldwide starting June 1, 2020. Starting today, riders can pre-order the bike with a $200 USD / €200 EUR deposit, the currency depending on the customer’s delivery address.

It’s all about the outdoors. Explore with respect.

The Kalk INK Freeride is based on the same technology as the Kalk OR. Same powerful drivetrain. Slightly heavier stable and wheels and a simplified but sturdier suspension. It’s all about a fast, hassle-free and thrilling backcountry exploration, without polluting or disturbing.

Deliveries start June 1st and onwards. Worldwide delivery!

Kalk INKSpecifications
Weight: Dry 55kg/121lbs + battery 17kg/37lbs
Speed & Range: Top speed: +80km/h / +50mph
Range: Trail/Enduro: up to 3 hours
Drivetrain: 11kW motor
42 Nm peak torque on shaft / 280Nm on wheel @ 3000 rpm
Front sprocket: 12 teeth with infused rubber for minimal noise
Rear sprocket: 80 teeth
Chain: size 420 O-ring
Battery: 18650 lithium cells, 51.8 Volt, 50 Ah, 2.6 kWh

Easy Removable Battery

Dashboard & Controller configured for 3 riding modes:
1. Explore: The ultimate mode during exploration. Limited speed to 45 km/h and 3-4h+ battery range
2. Excite: Enduro or active trail riding. 1-2 h riding time
3. Excel: Track and race mode, maximal torque and speed, riding time up to 1h

3 Re-gen brake settings: freewheel, 2-stroke & 4-stroke.
Charging: 0-80% takes 1.5 h to charge in a standard outlet, 0-100% takes 2.5 h to charge in a standard outlet

About CAKE

CAKE is a Swedish company with a clear mission to contribute to speeding up the transition towards a zero-emission society, while combining excitement and responsibility, by developing light, quiet, and clean high performance electric off-road motorcycles. Its first model, the Kalk, debuted at Denver’s OR and Munich’s ISPO shows in January 2018, and has received numerous accolades, including being recognized as “Best in Show” by several outdoor industry publications. In 2019, CAKE launched the Kalk&, a street-legal motorcycle as well as Ösa+ and Ösa Lite, a utility platform with an integrated power station and off-road capabilities.

Learn more about CAKE at

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