Blow by blow reports from Glendale SX Triple Crown bouts

450 Main 1

James Stewart was the first rider into turn one as the opening 450 Main got underway but Zach Osborne emerged out the other side as the early race leader. Eli Tomac then moved up to second place and Ken Roczen into third. 

AMA SX Rnd Glendale Osborne Roczen Starts SX PHX Kardy

AMA SX Rnd Glendale Osborne Roczen Starts SX PHX Kardy

Ken Roczen piling the pressure on Zach Osborne

Roczen then pushed his way past Tomac and was all over Osborne.

AMA SX Rnd Glendale Osborne Roczen Multiple SX PHX Kardy

AMA SX Rnd Glendale Osborne Roczen Multiple SX PHX Kardy

Osborne goes down

Osborne then went down, his pursuers only narrowly avoiding running him over.

AMA SX Rnd Glendale Osborne Crash Multiple SX PHX Kardy

AMA SX Rnd Glendale Osborne Crash Multiple SX PHX Kardy

Riders scramble to avoid the downed Osborne

Up front it was now game on with a Roczen versus Tomac battle. Adam Cianciarulo had kept his nose clean over the opening couple of laps and started closing in on Tomac but Eli responded and pulled away from Cianciarulo as the race progressed, staying close enough behind Roczen to maintain pressure on the German.

By half-race distance Tomac was all over Roczen and started to put his Kawasaki alongside the Honda.

In the final laps though Roczen proved to have Tomac’s measure and pulled clear to take victory by two-seconds.

Adam Cianciarulo rounded out the podium ahead of Malcolm Stewart and Jason Anderson.  Chad Reed finished 18th.

450 Main 2

Cooper Webb had the inside line to turn one in the second bout but Adam Cianciarulo came in hard and skittled him out of the way, a punted Webb then took out Justin Bogle who then barged into Zach Osborne as the last link in that chain reaction that had been started by Cianciarulo.

AMA SX Rnd Glendale Starts SX PHX Kardy

AMA SX Rnd Glendale Starts SX PHX Kardy

AMA Supercross Round Four

Eli Tomac had emerged with the lead from Cianciarulo out of turn one but Roczen then wasted no time moving up to second place.  Justin Bogle was down hurt which caused officials to stop the race so medical attention could be provided before the field came around to start lap two, a stricken Bogle still in the middle of the track.

From the re-start it was Ken Roczen with the early advantage over Webb, Plessinger, Cianciarulo and Tomac.

By the end of the second lap Roczen had a two-second advantage over Webb as Kawasaki team-mates Tomac and Cianciarulo pushed Plessinger back to fifth place, ahead of Jason Anderson and Blake Baggett. 

AMA SX Rnd Glendale Cianciarulo WebbMultiple SX PHX Kardy

AMA SX Rnd Glendale Cianciarulo WebbMultiple SX PHX Kardy

Adam Cianciarulo

Cianciarulo and Tomac then worked their way past Webb to make it a Kawasaki 2-3 but by half-race distance Ken Roczen had a five-second lead.  Cianciarulo then went down and had slipped to eighth by the time he was back up and running.

Jason Anderson got the better of Webb through the whoops to take third place before then coming under pressure from fellow KTM rider Blake Baggett.

Roczen the victor by seven-seconds over Tomac while Anderson rounded out the podium. Baggett got the better of Webb for fourth. Cianciarulo recovered to salvage a sixth place finish ahead of Brayton and Barcia.  Chad Reed came home in 19th position.

450 Main 3

Martin Davalos took the early lead after what was a messy start for most of the front runners in the final 450 Moto.

Jason Anderson made short work of Davalos early on lap two, Cooper Webb was in third ahead of Blake Baggett.  Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac and Adam Cianciarulo had been tripped up at turn one on the opening lap but were running in seventh and eighth while Chad Reed had been left on the deck in the melee.  The red flag then came out after Chris Blose went down hard in the whoops, riders were sent back to the gates for a full re-start.

Ken Roczen scored the holeshot off the re-start ahead of Cooper Webb and Jason Anderson. Eli Tomac almost jumped onto the back of Zach Osborne’s Husqvarna on the opening lap and dropped the Kawasaki, rejoining the action down in 13th position.

It only Tomac a few minutes to work his way back up to sixth place and his next target was now Kawasaki team-mate Adam Cianciarulo.

AMA SX Rnd Glendale Cianciarulo SX PHX Kardy

AMA SX Rnd Glendale Cianciarulo SX PHX Kardy

Adam Cianciarulo

Ken Roczen had a five-second lead by half-race distance ahead of Jason Anderson, who had moved past Cooper Webb and up into second position.

Both Kawasaki riders worked their way past Davalos, Cianciarulo then caught Webb and started challenging the #1 KTM for third. Cianciarulo took that third place with two-minutes left on the race clock. 60-seconds later though Cianciarulo went down real hard over the bars in the whoops, and from then could only watch from the sidelines as riders filed by.  Cooper Webb had got caught up a little on Cianciarulo’s bike which allowed Tomac to slip past and steal third place from the defending champion.

Ken Roczen the clear victor, untroubled all the way and cruised home on the final lap to a six-second victory over Anderson with Tomac rounding out the race podium.

Roczen thus goes 1-1-1 for the overall victory ahead of Tomac and Anderson and the German extending his championship lead to eight points over Tomac.

450 Results/Standings


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