Bell adds Broozer convertible helmet

Bell is apparently introducing a new convertible helmet, called the Broozer, where the chin piece clicks out to convert from full-face to open-face.

I say “apparently” because the only reference we can find to it is on the UK’s Urban Rider website and YouTube channel. There is no reference on any of the official Bell websites.

Bell is made in America, so it seems strange that it would be introduced first in the UK.

However Urban Rider claim it has American DOT and European CE certification. The latter makes it legal to wear in Australia.

Convertible helmets

Bell Rogue
Bell Rogue

It’s not their first convertible helmet after it introduce the Bell Rogue in 2013 with its removable chin “muzzle”.

Italian manufacturer Nolan also produce a convertible helmet called the N-40 which has several pieces that come apart to go from full-face to jet to open and even a removable peak.

Nolan N-40 convertible helmet
Nolan N-40 convertible helmet

While these helmets may seem flexible and suit many different riding conditions in one helmet, there are some inherent problems.

Most noticeable is the increased noise level from the extra joins.

Broozer or bruiser!?

However, the problem you can’t see that is surely the most important is that it must reduce the structural integrity of the shell in a crash.

However, the Broozer does have certification, so it must be at least passable.

It’s not available in Australia yet, but you could order it in a range of matte black and white combinations from the UK’s Urban Rider for £199.99 (about $A375).

Bell Broozer convertible helmet
Not exactly 50 of shades of grey!

As usual we would advise against buying helmets online unless you have tried a helmet on first.Bell Broozer convertible helmet

Broozer also has a quick and easy ratchet chin strap which is not as secure as the double-D clasp but certainly more convenient.

Other features include forehead and chin vents, additional smoked anti-scratch visor, and a removable and washable liner like most modern helmets.


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