Anstey celebrates return by topping Lightweight qualifying at Classic TT

2019 Classic TT Qualifying

Classic Superbike – Lightweight Classic

The 2019 Classic TT finally kicked off overnight after bad weather affected the scheduled Saturday and Sunday sessions.

Dean Harrison topped Classic Superbike qualifying, while Kiwi Bruce Anstey celebrated his return to competition in fine style by topping the Lightweight Classic TT class.

The Junior and Senior sessions were also started but a red flag and fading light meant that the second second session was cancelled, while the Newcomers session wasn’t run.

RST Classic TT Superbike

The Superbikes and Lightweight machines were first out on the TT Mountain Course. Harrison, who has won the last two RST Classic TT Superbike Races, was first away on the Silicone Engineering Kawasaki with Michael Rutter alongside him on the Team Winfield Yamaha. The first pair were followed ten seconds later by James Hillier on the Oxford Products Ducati and Jamie Coward on the Prez Racing Kawasaki.

Classic TT Qualifying Jamie Coward
Jamie Coward – 2019 IoM Classic TT

Rain had been reported earlier in the evening, but the cautionary lack of adhesion flags didn’t seem to dampen spirits or lap speeds. Harrison’s standing start opening lap of the meeting (123.42mph) topped the board on the night before the Bradford rider came in at the end of his opening lap, pointing at a loose exhaust.

Classic TT Qualifying Horst Saiger Conor Cummins
Horst Saiger & Conor Cummins – 2019 IoM Classic TT

Harrison switched machines and headed straight out on his Lightweight bike – the Laylaw Racing Yamaha – and promptly clocked a lap of 114.28mph, which was second only to Anstey, before coming in with a quickshifter issue.

Dean Harrison

“I’ve come straight from Cadwell and BSB to the Classic TT. The ZXR isn’t such a big jump but riding the 250 is chalk and cheese. I’ve not got much experience of the two-stroke but you’ve got to respect the little thing because it will bite you.”

Classic TT Qualifying Dean Harrison
Dean Harrison – 2019 IoM Classic TT

RST Superbike Classic TT Qualifying (Top 15)

  1. Dean Harrison – 18:20.532 / 123.420
  2. Horst Saiger – 18:25.455 / 122.871
  3. Jamie Coward – 18:45.344 / 120.699
  4. Derek Sheils – 19:07.345 / 118.385
  5. Philip Crowe – 19:08.305 / 118.286
  6. Joey Thompson – 19:14.995 / 117.601
  7. Michael Rutter – 19:18.418 / 117.253
  8. Conor Cummins – 19:23.975 / 116.693
  9. Gary Johnson – 19:30.501 / 116.043
  10. Julian Trummer – 19:35.170 / 115.582
  11. Davey Todd – 19:44.377 / 114.683
  12. Paul Potchy – 19:47.173 / 114.413
  13. Forest Dunn – 19:52.301 / 113.921
  14. Michael Sweeney – 19:55.369 / 113.629
  15. Allan Brodie – 19:58.190 / 113.361

Lightweight Classic TT

Lichtenstein based rider Horst Saiger clocked an average speed of 118mph on his opening lap and then improved this to 122.87mph – the second fastest on the night – while Derek Shiels and Jamie Coward both posted 118mph+ opening laps with Coward improving to 120.70 which put him third on the overall Superbike leaderboard.

Early retirements on the opening lap included Paul Jordan on the Mistral Racing Kawasaki, who stopped at Ballacrye and Lee Johnston on his Lightweight Binch Racing Yamaha at Douglas Road Corner, while Gary Johnson (Team York Suzuki) retired on his second lap of the Superbike session at Quarterbridge.

Anstey put a two year TT Mountain Course absence behind him and blasted to an opening lap of 110.84 on the Padgetts Yamaha, while Daniel Sayle on the John Chapman Racing Honda showed that he had recovered from injuries sustained at last year’s Classic TT with an opening lap of 109.90mph.

Classic TT Qualifying Ian Lougher
Ian Lougher – 2019 IoM Classic TT

Ten-time TT Race winner Ian Lougher also showed his hand with an opening lap of 109.37mph which he improved to 112mph on his second lap, while Harrison’s opening lap of 114.28mph put him at the top of the Lightweight leaderboard.

Classic TT Qualifying Dean Harrison
Dean Harrison – 2019 IoM Classic TT

But Bruce Anstey was not to be overshadowed on his come back and promptly set 116.28mph on his second lap.

Bruce Anstey

“It was great to get out and on the second lap things clicked and it felt like normal and as though I’d never been away.”

Clive Padgett – Padgetts Motorcycles Team Boss

“I’m just over the moon. We said to Bruce before the lap if you’re not feeling it we’ll pick you up at Ballacraine. He’s loving life – it’s incredible. He was smiling from the off and all the fans are so pleased to see him back and we’ve had so many great comments.”

Dunlop Lightweight Classic TT Qualifying (Top 15)

  1. Bruce Anstey – 19:28.139 / 116.277mph
  2. Dean Harrison – 19:48.554 / 114.280
  3. Ian Lougher – 20:06.438 / 112.586
  4. Charles Rhys – 20:20.042 / 111.331
  5. Daniel Sayle – 20:35.957 / 109.897
  6. Gary Vines – 21:03.060 / 107.539
  7. John Barton – 21:11.224 / 106.848
  8. Dominic Herbertson – 21:14.035 / 106.612
  9. Carsten Svendsen – 21:30.144 / 105.281
  10. Tom Snow – 21:50.055 / 103.681
  11. Samuel Grief – 21:59.485 / 102.940
  12. Phil Harvey – 22:02.007 / 102.744
  13. James Ford – 22:15.793 / 101.683
  14. Steven Howard – 22:23.498 / 101.100
  15. Andrew Cowie – 23:26.553 / 96.568

Senior & Junior Sessions cancelled

The Junior and Senior machines were away shortly after ten past seven with Team Winfield rider John McGuinness on the twin-cylinder Paton and Ripley Land Racing’s Michael Rutter on the single-cylinder Matchless jostling for position alongside each other on the start line.

However, shortly after the second session began, the session was red flagged following an incident at the Black Hut. The rider concerned was taken by airmed to Nobles Hospital with a reported leg injury and riders were brought back to the Grandstand in course direction under the direction of Travelling Marshals.

With the lost time and light fading at the Grandstand, the second session for Senior and Junior machines and the scheduled Newcomers session was cancelled.

Roads are to close tomorrow at 1800 with the Lightweight and Superbike Classic TT machines due out at 1820 and Senior and Junior bikes at 1915.


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