Andrea Dovizioso on what it takes to make it to the top

“Not just to separate (from the paddock) but because I like to live like that. Every rider came from that situation. Normally if you’re an Italian rider, you come from pocket bike racing and mini-cross and normally you live in a camping in a small van with all the other riders and family. This is the normal situation. After, when you come to the World Championship, everything changes, especially in MotoGP™. But I love to live in that way, it’s not about going home, *then* I want to be relaxed, living in a different way, it’s what I would like to do every day. I love amateur Motocross racing. Because of the way you prepare the track, the way you live during the two days, it’s completely different. I came from Motocross, it was my first sport. So I never forget that.”

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