Amanda Zito Rode 8,000 Miles Around the United States

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Amanda Zito is the person behind the YouTube channel As The Magpie Flies. She recently completed an 8,000-mile trip from her home in Portland, Oregon, to the east coast of the U.S. and back again.

She recently posted part one of her journey to YouTube, and it’s an absolute must-watch experience.

She took her trip in August and encountered all sorts of things, including 111-degree heat. Along the way she hit some snafus and camped. She says “just gotta roll with the punches,” when she hits snags. 

You can watch her go through some of the most impressive terrain and landscapes in all of North America. She also connects up with family in Montana and South Dakota.

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The entire trip is an honest and impressive look at what it really takes to do a trip like this Zito is an inspiration and her skill with the camera is worth watching, too. As The Magpie Flies has been around awhile and she’s definitely improved her cinematography. This is a very good well-made look at the trip, and it’s certainly worth watching. 


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