AltRiders Taste of Dakar Gears up for 2020 in Nevada

AltRider’s Taste of Dakar began seven years ago and has turned into a well-supported event full of like-minded individuals looking for a taste of adventure. Located in Gold Point, Nevada, a well-preserved ghost town that once boomed with the prospect of gold mining, the Taste of Dakar gives rider’s access to a myriad of terrain from smooth fire roads to rocky trails and towering sand dunes.

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AltRider’s Taste of Dakar

April 16th-19th 2020 Gold Point, Nevada

Taste of Dakar

Taste of Dakar 2020! Where to ride off-road, people to ride off-road with and how to ride off-road in one easy package. AltRider set out 7 years ago to find the solution to these eternal questions, and we’re thrilled to say that Taste of Dakar is back for another round.

We’ve added an additional day of riding to make sure that you get more than just a taste of the adventure. Three nights of camping under the desert sky and two epic days of adventure riding, are just the beginning of what TOD has grown into. There are a few RV spots and cabins for those who would prefer not to ‘rough it’. Please contact Gold Point directly for availability. All new routes have been scouted and pre-run including an easy route through Death Valley that starts with Titus Canyon! The more experienced ADV rider will enjoy the hard route and sand dunes and for the in-between riders, we have a new intermediate route that gets you all the challenging sections of trails but leaves the sand out of the equation if you choose.

Top Ten Dakar Finisher Skyler Howes with Garrett Off-Road Racing will be on-site to share his experiences from his 2019 and 2020 Dakar Races. A true American Privateer Racer and all-around good guy, Skyler has had a less-than-conventional road to racing, but his never say quit attitude and speed, has gotten him to an elite status in Rally Racing. He’s also going to be tearing up the trails with us on Saturday on his Dakar Rally Bike.

Taste of Dakar

We’re excited to include a team of medics into this year’s TOD. MOTO MEDICS will be bringing four riders as support medics and two support rigs. Both vehicles will be identifiable with a MOTO MEDICS logo, bikes will have decals and red medical saddlebags. In the bivouac, there will be a 10×10 pop up with an identifiable banner, tent, folding table and both support vehicles.

We supply the GPS files for each of the routes for attendees to navigate with the use of a handlebar-mounted cell phone or their dedicated GPS unit. TOD goers match up with like-minded and like-skilled riders; don’t know who to ride with? Let AltRider’s staff know and we’ll set you up with a group and route that best suits you. Should you feel that your group has bitten off a little too much (or too little) to chew on, you can adjust your course on the fly as most of our routes intersect with others and can be changed as the group sees fit. Think of it as a build your own adventure!

Taste of Dakar

For the ADV rider looking to improve their skills before heading out on the trail, we have partnered with the RawHyde Adventure Training School for our level 1 and level 2 clinics on Friday or Saturday. Each class will finish the day on a shorter guided ride further solidifying those skills a little deeper and putting them to use outside the training area. Maybe you’re a little too excited to take the class on Friday? Perfect, show up and do the easy route Friday morning to burn off some of that excess energy and fall back into a training course on Saturday. You’ll leave TOD feeling like a pro.

Taste of Dakar

Located just to the east of Death Valley and less than 3 hours from Las Vegas, Gold Point is a living ghost town full of curated antique mining equipment and desert gems like vintage fire trucks and a Saloon that’s been collecting curiosities for decades. Walt, the owner of Gold Point will be cooking an authentic Gold Point breakfast buffet, while our caterers will be supplying dinners Friday and Saturday night. You’re welcome to cook on your own if you’re tempted to bust out your jet boil and astronaut food, but we promise our food will be better.

If you need to pick up some gear before the event please look into these brands as they’re the ones that are supporting this event and making it better for attendees. Icon Motorsports who’s been making dependable, crash tested and proven ADV gear in their Raiden line. Sena Bluetooth communication systems who’s been making the in-helmet communications we’ve been using at TOD for over five years now. RevZilla has kicked up the door prizes with Zilla Bucks gift cards. Hippo Hands for every ride comfort and Meerkat Moto for ADV inspired stickers (scratch covers) and tee shirts. Don’t forget to set your adventure bike up with the best crash protection, skid plates and luggage racks in the business from AltRider.

Taste of Dakar

Chances are if you’re reading this… You could use a little more adventure in your life. We can’t wait to see you out there!

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