Allerton wrist injury allows further analysis of set-up challenges

News 30 Aug 2019

Allerton wrist injury allows further analysis of set-up challenges

Maxima BMW contender on-track for Winton ASBK return.

Image: Russell Colvin.

An ongoing complication with a wrist injury sustained earlier this year has allowed Glenn Allerton to further analyse set-up challenges he’s faced during the season, with the three-time Australian champion hopeful he’s reached a solution ahead of Winton’s fifth round of the 2019 Motul Pirelli Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) next week.

Allerton injured his wrist at The Bend’s third round in April, and while the bone has completely healed, the New South Welshman has been experiencing inflammation at the joint, which is causing problems for him under braking and in tight turns.

It’s an issue the Maxima BMW team has experienced already at circuits with similar characteristics to Winton, although recent changes to his fork setting while testing at the venue last week to accommodate his wrist injury have paved the way for a promising set-up that will rectify the problem.

“We did some decent lap-times, and we’re trying to find a setting in the front forks to make the bike turn in comfortably,” Allerton explained to “I feel like I have to put a lot of effort in to turn the bike. That’s part of what the wrist injury is – it’s making it hard to turn in.

“I think even if my wrist wasn’t injured, I just think we’re struggling with the last bit of turning in slow corners – Winton has a lot of slow corners that turn back on themselves, and it’s really exposed that issue – it’s the same issue that I had at Wakefield.

“So we’re working on trying to solve that, but my wrist being the way it is, it’s actually given me a chance to analyse the issue a bit more, and I think we’re on top of it.”

Allerton hasn’t raced since the South Australian stop, electing to sit out Morgan Park’s fourth round last month after continuing to experience wrist injury troubles.


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