Aiden Wagner signals intent with 1m32.320 | Bayliss down

Aiden Wagner tops ASBK Superbike practice at P.I.

Troy Bayliss underlined his competitiveness for ASBK 2019 by dropping in a 1m32.478 late in the opening practice session yesterday afternoon, but this morning at Phillip Island Aiden Wagner went under that marker not once, but twice.

Wagner had been in control of the session with a 1m32.450, but that didn’t stop the Queenslander from lowering the benchmark again with a 32.320 on his final flying lap to really signal his determination to dominate ASBK Superbike on his return to competitive racing in this country.

ASBK Testing SB Phillip Island Rob Mott Aiden WAGNER Wheelie
Aiden Wagner – Image by Rob Mott

ASBK Phillip Island Superbike Lap Records

The current ASBK Superbike pole record stands at 1m32.274 and was set by Wayne Maxwell on a Suzuki in 2013. The current race lap record also belongs to Maxwell, when he was on a Honda in 2009 he set a 1m32.316 to set the race lap benchmark around the circuit.

This mornings session was an expensive one for DesmoSport Ducati. Troy Bayliss made a mess of his 1299 Panigale R Final Edition at turn four, it was big enough for TB to be taken to the medical centre for checks. He has been cleared to race with his main ailment at this stage a painfully sore left hand, which hopefully gets better from here rather than worse. Bayliss was thus 13th in this session but remains second fastest on combined times.

Josh Waters in this session also underlined he is ready for battle. Wayne Maxwell has joined the team this year, and perhaps somewhat unfairly to Waters, it is Maxwell that seems to be the recognised title favourite heading in to season 2019. But this morning it was Josh with the upper hand, a 1m32.659 plays 1m32.788. Many will say yeah well there is nothing in it, but too many forget just how much of a mental game that top level Superbike racing is, and every little chip at your opposition adds up..

After a somewhat disastrous week for the Penrite Honda squad with no end of problems experienced trying to sort the machine they have prepared for their World Superbike wildcard, it was feared their eyes might have been taken off the more important ball, that being the start of their ASBK Title defence here this weekend. Finally some clear air for Herfoss and the squad this morning though with a 1m32.970 confirming their place in the game.

Cru Halliday was fifth quickest this morning, a 1m33.089 certainly competitive for the YRT rider who makes a return to Superbike competition this year after winning the Supersport Championship for the team last year.

Bryan Staring was the quickest Kawasaki this morning ahead of Mike Jones. Glenn Allerton was eighth on the NextGen BMW ahead of Daniel Falzon, the South Australian struggled to find any clear track in that session and frustrated by traffic. Ted Collins rounded out the top ten ahead of Matt Walters, the Cessnock Kawasaki rider the final pilot in the 1m33s.

ASBK Superbike Weekend Schedule

Competitors will be out on track at 1355 this afternoon for a 15-minute qualifying session.  The opening Kawasaki sponsored ASBK Superbike race of season 2019 is slated to get underway at 1130 on Saturday morning with the second 12-lap bout scheduled for 1615 Saturday afternoon, immediately after the opening 22-lap World Superbike race. The third 12-lapper will get underway after the World Superbike and Supersport warm-up sessions on Sunday morning at 1030.

Toparis streets them in Supersport

In the Supersport ranks it was Tom Toparis setting the pace. The Goulburn youngster did not take part in Thursday’s session as he has had plenty of track time this week during his preparations for a World Supersport wildcard appearance this weekend. Toparis’ time a 1m35.422, streets ahead of the best of the rest with was headed by Nic Liminton from Callum Spriggs and Supersport debutante Oli Bayliss.

ASBK Superbike FP2 Times

  1. Aiden Wagner – Yamaha 1m32.320
  2. Josh Waters – Suzuki 1m32.659
  3. Wayne Maxwell – Suzuki 1m32.788
  4. Troy Herfoss – Honda 1m32.970
  5. Cru Halliday – Yamaha 1m33.089
  6. Bryan Staring – 1m33.261
  7. Mike Jones – Kawasaki 1m33.323
  8. Glenn Allerton – BMW 1m33.513
  9. Daniel Falzon – Yamaha 1m33.610
  10. Ted Collins – BMW 1m33.863
  11. Matt Walters – Kawasaki 1m33.942
  12. Mark Chiodo – Honda 1m34.180
  13. Troy Bayliss – Ducati 1m34.243
  14. Arthur Sissis – Suzuki 1m34.577
  15. Alex Phillis – Suzuki 1m34.630

ASBK Superbike Combined Practice Times

  1. Wagner 1m32.320
  2. Bayliss 1m32.479
  3. Waters 1m32.659
  4. Maxwell 1m32.788
  5. Herfoss 1m32.970
  6. Halliday 1m33.089
  7. Staring 1m33.261
  8. Jones 1m33.323
  9. Allerton 1m33.513
  10. Falzon 1m33.587
  11. Collins 1m33.863
  12. Walters 1m33.942
  13. Chiodo 1m34.180
  14. Sissis 1m34.577
  15. Phillis 1m34.630
  16. Rees 1m34.894
  17. Epis 1m35.332
  18. Croker 1m35.519
  19. Frost 1m35.801
  20. Scott 1m36.039
  21. Czaj 1m37.844
  22. Tooley 1m38.413
  23. Yank 1m38.504
  24. Barker 1m38.533
  25. McIntyre 1m38.878

Supersport Combined Practice Times

  1. Tom Toparis – Yamaha 1m35.422
  2. Nic Liminton – Yamaha 1m36.686
  3. Callum Spriggs – Yamaha 1m37.290
  4. Oli Bayliss – Yamaha 1m37.362
  5. Sam Lambert – MV Agusta 1m37.649
  6. Aidan Hayes – Yamaha 1m37.921
  7. Reid Battye – Suzuki 1m38.332
  8. Ty Lynch – Yamaha 1m38.659
  9. Broc Pearson – Yamaha 1m38.945
  10. Jack Passfield – Yamaha 1m39.247


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