A and B main format introduced for Brisbane AUS Supercross opener

News 11 Oct 2019

A and B main format introduced for Brisbane AUS Supercross opener

Starting grid reduced to 10 gates in tight confines of Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

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Tomorrow night’s Australian Supercross Championship opener will see an A and B main format rolled out to cater for the reduced amount of start gates in the tight confines of Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

With just 10 gates, the double-header A main will be made up of the top four finishers in heats one and two, with the remaining positions being awarded to the top two in the B main.

The B main, acting as somewhat of an LCQ, will offer riders who finish in positions three to 10 the chance to earn championship points from positions 11 to 18.

“We’re starting an indoor with 10 gates, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to start the championship and earn points,” series motorsport manager Kevin Williams explained to MotoOnline.com.au. “First to fourth [in each heat] will go straight to the A main, fifth to ninth will go the B main – it’s a B main, like an LCQ.

“First and second [in the B main], like in speedway, will move to the A main, and third through to 10th in that will score points from 11th to 18th in the championship. That way 18 people will leave Brisbane with points, not just 10.”

10 riders will start in each heat, with just the top 20 riders in timed qualifying advancing through to the night show. However, provisions are in place for riders with a top 10 championship ranking from 2018 to advance to the night show, should something drastic happen throughout qualifying.

The double-header A main format will utilise an Olympic scoring system to determine the overall winner. In the event of a draw, the strongest finisher of main event two will be granted the higher ranking. The full schedule can be viewed in via the event guide.

Source: MotoOnline.com.au

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