2020 Zero Motorcycles SR/F Review

If shifting gears the conventional way is ingrained in your DNA, it might take a few electric miles to become accustomed to this setup. Brakes are in the usual place on the right grip and foot pedal, but there’s no clutch lever to speak of—the instinct to grab the clutch lever is strong, but you’ll be reaching for air. However, with no gears to select there’s a refreshingly linear, continuous transfer of power from the motor to the rear wheel, and here’s where it gets interesting. Rather than thinking of horsepower as a commodity that gets segmented by six gears, the flow is simply constant until it tapers off at the 110 mph top speed. Braking also becomes one with the acceleration mindset; when the SR/F is dialed in for aggressive regeneration (either via the 5-inch TFT panel or the cellphone app), you don’t grab the brake lever to slow down, you simply ease off the throttle to reduce the rate of acceleration until you’re scrubbing off speed. Not to get too cerebral, but an electric bike’s entire longitudinal axis becomes one fluid continuum, which has a way of fundamentally shifting the way you think about things like corner entry speeds, weight transfer, even racing line.

Source: MotorCyclistOnline.com

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